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    Did you know? There are hundreds of varieties of strawberries including some unusual species such as pineapple strawberry which approximates gustatorily pineapple.

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    Did you know? The strawberry season is between late March and June, and some varieties continue to supply the market all summer. Then the reflowering variety take over until November.

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    Did you know ? In France avocado is more often eaten plain or salty. But in Madagascar and Brazil, the fruit goes into the composition of desserts or is tasted with a little sugar.

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    Did you know? There are all kinds of fish and some are amazing. We well know the flying fish. But do you know that the Channa Andrao? It has the ability to walk out of the water.

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    Did you know ? Everyone does not hate turnip! It is highly appreciate in United Kingdom, it is even the vegetable symbol of Scotland. 

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    In autumn, trees get prepared for winter and anticipate the decrease in light. So they stop feeding their leaves, causing them to fall. By starving them, chlorophyll, responsible for the green color of the foliage, disappears to make way for pigments hidden below such as the flavonoid for the yellow color, or the carotenoid for the orange.

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