Simon Lemon - reversible toy 100% organic cotton

Simon Lemon - reversible toy 100% organic cotton



Shaped flower, this reversible toy turns into lemon. So child learns that before making a lemon, Mother Nature first produces a flower.

More details

This toy is suitable for little girls and little boys. It is handmade with crochet. Its texture awakens the senses and its shape is designed to raise awareness of nature and healthy eating. This toy comes with an craft bag, as if it came out of the market.

For ages 3+ years but you can give it to baby :)
size : 12 cm x 9 cm (fruit side)
         12 cm x 21 cm (flower side)
material : - outside, 100% organic cotton
               - inside, 100% flower cotton
care instructions : machine washable (30°)

Did you know? There is a berry called "miraculine" which have the amazing property to suppress the sensation of acidity. Associated with lemon it gives a sweet taste of candy.


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