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Kit Mini Veggy - Baby Baby Retry

120,00 €

Carrot, little poison, beet, leek and round radishes ... all in a mini wooden crate.

These rattles are suitable for babies, girls or boys, from birth. They are handmade crochet. They are 100% organic cotton. Their texture and bells make it possible to awaken the senses. And their form is designed to raise awareness among babies about nature and healthy food.

Suitable for babies (0+).
Composition: - Outside, 100% organic cotton
- interior, 100% cotton flower
- bells
- A FSC wooden cagette

Size: carrot, 17*5*5 cm

Petit-Pois, 5*14*5 cm
beet, 14*6*6 cm
Leek, 14*5*5 cm
Round radishes, 12*5.5*5.5 cm
Cagette, 20*15*5 cm

Maintenance: Machine washable (30 °)

Did you know ? Macedonia of vegetables is a mixture of vegetables or fruit cut into pieces. The origin of the word "Macedonia" designating a mixture of vegetables or fruit could come from the fact that the Emperor Alexander constituted the Macedocian Empire by bringing together a multitude of territories and peoples, from Greece to Himalayas.