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Passover the green mouse - organic cotton toy

22,00 €
Type: Le Marché

Friends of the vegetable garden are made to raise awareness among children of small insects and animals in the garden and to help them not be afraid of them ... This toy is suitable for babies, girls or boys, from birth. It is handmade to hook. It is 100% organic cotton. Its texture awakens the senses and its form is created to make babies aware of nature.

It is an original, durable and fair birth gift!

This mouse also exists in grey ...

Suitable for babies (0+).
Size: 7*12*6 cm
Composition: - Outside, 100% organic cotton

- interior, 100% cotton flower
- 1 bell
Maintenance: Machine washable (30 °)

The famous song "A green mouse" is in fact nothing migon. She refers to a Vendée soldier (soldiers who was called at the time "the mice") who would have been tracked down by the republican soldiers during the Vendée war (1793-1795) then tortured in an atrocious way ...