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Cloud Music Box 100% organic cotton

55,50 €
Type: Le Marché

Claude Cloud

This music box in the shape of a cloud is an original and sustainable idea for a birth gift. 

Unigender, this crochet toy is for all babies, girls and boys.

Pull the tongue and the music starts! A sweet melody to accompany baby in Morpheus arms.

Its texture in braided mesh stimulates the baby sensory and kinesthetic capacities. This is a toy in harmony with Montessori teaching from the cradle. And it has a string to hang it in the cradle.

Made with respect for the environment, it is 100% organic cotton GOTS* certified. And when we say 100% cotton, it's inside and outside. The padding is also in cotton. Zero waste, its corn fiber packaging is reusable, recyclable and compostable.

This toy is handmade crochet by our craftswomen with fairy fingers. It’s an old fashioned toy, craft and made ethically. Its details and its solidity make it a high quality toy.

This toy is suitable for babies from birth. It is tested according to European (EN71 1.2,3 and 9) and US (ASTM F963) standards. Baby can handle it and take it to the mouth safely.

Its mechanism is waterproof and works without battery. It is machine washable (30°C). It is repairable and made to last.

Its form of cloud is designed to educate baby about Nature. A cute toy for a Green & committed education from the first age.

Its light colors, and its funny face with large eyes and a mouth that pulls the tongue, make it a facetious and original toy. This is an extraordinary birth gift for an even more special newborn!

Suitable for babies (0+)
Size: 11*18*7 cm
Composition: 100% organic cotton
Maintenance: Machine washable 30 ° C
Certification: EC EN71 1.2,3 and 9 - ASTM F9630

*GOTS:Our toys are made from GOTS certified cotton: Global Organic Standard textile. This demanding label certifies not only worthy working conditions but also respect for the environment and certifies a product that does not reach the health of those who carry them.

Did you know ? Although they float in the sky, the clouds weigh thousands and sometimes millions of tonnes! This mass consists of ice cream, fine water droplets and water vapor. The density of the air being higher than that of the clouds, they are kept in the air by currents and electric fields. When the drops of water become too heavy, they are evacuated, it is then that it rains.