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Our history

Faustine learns to crochet with a friend. First a hobby, in parallel with her studies at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, she quickly got caught up in the passion of crochet.

She creates all kinds of fruits & vegetables: carrots, radishes, turnips, strawberries and aubergines... And adds eyes and a mouth that sticks out its tongue. It's more Kawaii!

Her creations are spotted on Instagram by Colette, the legendary boutique on rue st Honoré in Paris.

The adventure begins!

Very quickly, the orders accumulate. But crochet is a manual technique that requires a lot of time. It takes 2 hours to make a carrot! And Faustine can no longer do everything on her own.

To keep up with demand, Faustine teams up with Jenny and Lin. Jenny runs a pouch bag workshop and Lin is a master crocheter. 

Together they create MyuM - Craft Factory.

Faustine takes care of the creation and organizes the distribution.
Lin gathers a team of women with fairy fingers, she show them how to make the toys.
Jenny manages the supply and makes the link between China and France.

The workshop is made up exclusively of women. Most of them work from home and end up in the workshop for assembly. They can thus stay in their village of origin, combining work and family life.

Initially 3 craftswoman, today there are more than 30! Thus MyuM encourages women empowerment in a respectful way and participates in their emancipation.

In 10 years, MyuM have continued to improve.
Here are some key dates:
2014 – MyuM goes organic.
2018 – MyuM imports by train
2020 – MyuM opts for corn fiber packaging.

Since 2013, MyuM develops and is exported while respecting the
People, Animals and Environment.