10% on your first order. HAPPY-VEGGY

Here is harvesting time!

MyuMs are coming from the vegetable garden!

At a time when 1 child in 3 does not recognize a leek.
Where childhood obesity is a public health problem.
Where our food influences climate change.

Nature and food are more than ever, the essential issues of today and tomorrow.

It is our duty to make the new generation aware of Nature and its benefits.

Through play MyuM transmits simple notions carrying essential values.

Cherries, apples, pears, carrots, leeks, turnips... in the shape of rattles, music boxes, comforters...

Exit mechanics! MyuMs are 100% handmade crochet.
Exit synthetic! MyuMs are 100% organic cotton.
Exit plastic! MyuMs are packaged in a corn fiber bag.

MyuM, quality toys for loving Nature and playing with food.

Faustine Durand