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Autumn - Teether & Baby Baby Hochet

24,50 €
Type: Le Marché

This toy is made up of three leaves and a glans. It symbolizes fall. Babies, girls or boys are suitable from birth. And it is multifunction! Baby can chew it, shake it with its small rattle at the time of small items!

This is an original birth gift!
A wink to baby's birth season ...

Suitable for babies (0+).

size : 3*14*14 cm
Composition: - Outside, 100% organic cotton
- interior, 100% cotton flower
- 1 ring of wood
- 1 bell
Maintenance: Machine washable (30 °)

In the fall, the trees are preparing in winter and anticipate the drop in brightness. To this end, they stop feeding their leaves, causing their fall. By sampling them, the chlorophyll, responsible for the green color of the foliage, disappears to make way for pigments hidden below like the flavonoid for the yellow color, or the carotenoid for the orange.