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Childhood Box x MyuM

35,00 €

Just because baby teeth are starting to fall out doesn't mean you have to stop taking care of them!

We continue to brush our teeth well with the 1st Childhood Paris Toothpaste and the bamboo toothbrush and, as soon as the first milk tooth has fallen, the little mouse will come and hide the coin in Adam's mouth, the tooth that will keep it in place . safety until the child wakes up!

The Milk Teeth pack includes:

  • An eco-responsible alternative to plastic toothbrushes that pollute our oceans from the Nantes company BOO. With its super soft untreated natural bamboo handle adapted to the size of your children's hands, the BOO toothbrush is 100% compostable and 100% recyclable. The brush's soft bristles are made of nylon-6 made from bio-sourced castor oil.
  • An original Myum teether that will delight your children: in the shape of a tooth, it can be used from birth as a teething ring – allows you to massage swollen gums and soothe the pain when baby teeth start to grow, but also to recover the coins that the little mouse comes to deposit under the pillow with each new milk tooth fallen! Handmade crochet, it is a perfect birth gift or a consolation gift, once the first tooth is gone.
  • Un 1er Enfance Paris Toothpaste and its healthy, natural and gourmet formula with organic strawberry, chamomile and green tea extracts, is an effective and safe solution for taking care of the first teeth.