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Summer - Teether & Baby Hochet in organic cotton

24,50 €
Type: Le Marché

This toy is made up of a sunflower flower and two leaves. It symbolizes summer. Babies, girls or boys are suitable from birth. It is multifunction! Baby can chew it, shake it with its small rattle and fiddle with the small elements!

This is an original birth gift!
A wink to baby's birth season ...

Suitable for babies (0+).

size : 3*14*14 cm
Composition: - Outside, 100% organic cotton
- interior, 100% cotton flower
- 1 FSC wood ring
- 1 bell
Maintenance: Machine washable (30 °)

Does the sunflower really turn to the sun? The answer is yes ! The heliotropism process begins even before the flowering of flower and influences the development of the latter. In fact, the plant moves to follow the sun and benefit from maximum sunshine throughout the day. The flower is turned east at the start of the morning and we find it turned to the west in the evening.