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The Pumpkins Brothers (4 room sets) - Baby cotton nods

49,50 €
Type: Le Marché

This stacking game is suitable for babies, girls or boys, from birth. He is made up of 4 pumpkins to stack on each other to stimulate baby's skills and its ability to balance objects :)

Its texture makes it possible to arouse the senses and its pumpkin form is designed to raise awareness among babies about nature and healthy food.

This is an original, durable and fair birth gift!

Suitable for babies (0+).
Size: 15*12*12 cm
Composition: - Outside, 100% organic cotton
- interior, 100% cotton flower
Maintenance: machine washable (30 °).

Did you know ? The Jack-O'-Lantern, pumpkins traditionally lit during the Halloween night, were at the origin of the turnips. The turnip tradition comes from an Irish tale and was replaced by the famous orange cucurbit in the 19th century.