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Le rituel du couché

The bedtime ritual

The bedtime ritual

An Essential Benchmark for Baby's Sleep

The bedtime ritual is a routine to be put in place from an early age. This key moment of the day has a major impact on your child's emotional and physical well-being. Regular bedtime routines help calm down and prepare the mind and body for rest.

Routine and emotional security 

Bedtime rituals help build a sense of emotional security in children. These regular and predictable routines allow them to feel reassured, thus fostering a sense of security and stability.

Restorative sleep

A well-established bedtime ritual contributes to a more restful sleep. By creating a smooth transition from awakening to sleep, children are better prepared to fall asleep and enjoy quality rest throughout the night.

Cognitive stimulation  

Calm, soothing bedtime activities, such as reading stories or listening to soft music, also boost children's cognitive development. These moments encourage imagination, concentration and creativity.

Strengthening the parent-child bond 

The bedtime ritual provides a valuable opportunity for connection and closeness between parents and children. It is a privileged time to share quality moments, exchange sweet words and strengthen family ties.

Managing Emotions 

Bedtime rituals can also be used as a time to address children's emotions. It is a good time to listen to their concerns, assuage their anxieties and help them express their feelings, thus fostering better emotional management.

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