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Le crochet, notre technique artisanal

Crochet, our artisanal technique

Crochet, our artisanal technique

 An Ancient Tradition at the Service of the Awakening of the Toddlers

Crochet is a craft technique that dates back to the ages. This age-old practice can be found all over the world. The first known works date back to the late Middle Ages. But its origin remains uncertain, whether it is Chinese, Peruvian, Tunisian, or Egyptian. Like knitting, this work involves interweaving yarn to create a wide variety of shapes. However, a simple hook is used instead of two large needles. 

In our mechanized world, crochet remains an entirely manual technique. There is no machine for making crochet objects. Only the human hand can make crochet shapes. For example, your knitted sweater is made using a loom, but a crocheted object such as a VEGGY TOY is always made by hand. 

For each stitch, a gesture, this technique requires time and dexterity. Crochet is much more than just a craft hobby. It is a form of artistic expression in its own right, where each mesh tells a story of patience and creativity. 

Faustine Durand, the creator of VEGGY TOYS, learned crochet during her studies at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. With her friend Paulina Léonor, they spend evenings crocheting all kinds of fruits and vegetables. She improved her technique and it was during her study trip to the National University of Fine Art in Tokyo that she created the first VEGGY TOY. A large strawberry with eyes and a mouth. The first VEGGY TOY is born! A funny toy inspired by the famous Kawaii and the many cute characters found in Japan.

A few years later, when the MYUM - THE VEGGY TOYS brand was launched, Faustine could no longer do the production alone. The demand is too great and Faustine has only two hands! She then teamed up with Lin and Jenny to create MYUM CRAFT FACTORY. A workshop created and run by women, which today employs more than thirty artisans.

At MYUM, crochet is at the heart of our identity and commitment. By choosing VEGGY TOYS, you are opting for old-fashioned products and supporting the tradition of crochet, while encouraging the emancipation of the women who design these amazing toys.

Our VEGGY TOYS are the perfect example of this craftsmanship. By combining the crochet technique with fun and colorful designs, we provide children with toys that are meaningful in their manufacture, aesthetics, and educational aspects.

To discover all the magic of crochet in action, we invite you to watch our videos! Careful, they are not accelerated! That’s real speed! Yes! Our artisans are very talented!

Want to learn crochet? Or deepen your knowledge? We recommend that you visit the website DMC, a reference in this field!

Finally, discover the VEGGY TOYS family! 

Our most complex toy is the Reversible Strawberry! A toy that incorporates 2 distinct shapes, the flower and the strawberry, to teach the child the metamorphosis of the plant into the fruit.

And also our favorites: Louie the Radish, Charlotte the Carrot, the Cherry Sisters... Funny fruits & vegetables that sometimes pull the tongue and always share the passion for crochet!

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