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Importation par le train

Import by train

Import by train

The famous Silk Road!


At MYUM, sustainability is at the heart of our mission, not only in the manufacture of our products but also in their transport. That is why we have chosen to import our toys by train, a choice that combines efficiency and respect for the environment.

Starting from the south of China, our Veggy Toys embark on a journey by rail through Russia, finally arriving at our warehouse in Bordeaux. This journey takes about a month and a half, offering a faster alternative to traditional sea transport while being more environmentally friendly than air transport.

This mode of transport follows the famous Silk Road, which was once the main trade route between Asia and Europe. Today, this path is gaining new importance, offering an environmentally friendly and efficient logistics solution for global trade. 

Importing by train also has the advantage of having a much lower carbon footprint than other modes of transport, thus helping to reduce our environmental footprint. At MYUM, we believe in the environmental responsibility of every company and strive to minimize our impact on the planet at every step of our process.

By choosing MYUM Veggy Toys, you are not only opting for sustainable and ethical toys, but you are also supporting a responsible approach to transport. Give your children toys that contribute to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly future.