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Le doudou un compagnon privilégié

The doudou a privileged companion

The doudou a privileged companion

Why Not A Carrot?

Often regarded as a mere comfort item, the doudou plays a crucial role in the emotional and social development of children. It is much more than just a playmate; it is an emotional support that accompanies the child through its stages of growth.

Comfort and security:

The doudou provides a source of comfort and security for children, especially in times of stress or separation. Its familiar presence helps them feel reassured and confident, thus fostering their emotional well-being.

Emotional stimulation:

It often becomes the confidant of secrets and a witness to children's emotions, helping them to express their feelings and develop their social and emotional skills.

Transition and Autonomy:

Facilitating transitions, such as going to sleep or separating from parents, the doudou provides constant emotional support, helping children become more independent and confident.

Imagination and play:

Stimulating imagination and creativity, doudous become children's favorite playmates, taking part in imaginary adventures and stories invented by them.

At MYUM, we understand the importance of the doudou in children's daily lives. Our VEGGY TOYS, with their soft textures and playful designs, are designed to provide comfort similar to that of a traditional doudou while encouraging your appetite for fruits and vegetables. 

With VEGGY TOYS doudous, MYUM is committed to making children love fruits and vegetables. By forging an emotional bond with his doudou in the shape of strawberry, eggplant, radish, carrot... etc., the child will be more able to know and love to eat fruits and vegetables. 

The charm of our doudous lies not only in their shape of fruits and vegetables but also in their artisanal and innovative manufacturing. To create these toys, we combine crochet work with sewing work. This is our innovation! 

Each piece is designed by combining these two techniques, giving your toddler a toy with two textures: one compact and textured, the other soft and fluid. The hard and padded crochet part brings a curious and surprising texture, while the cotton gauze envelops the duvet with its fluidity and softness. This subtle marriage of traditional materials gives our doudous a different and enriching quality and experience.

The “soft” is good, but combined with the “textured” is better! Thanks to their double texture, VEGGY TOYS offer an interesting touch for children and stimulate their sensory and kinesthetic abilities. 

Our VEGGY TOYS doudous not only provide the emotional comfort they need, but they also encourage them to explore fruits and vegetables in their food diversification journey. By offering a VEGGY TOYS doudou, you opt for an original toy made in the old-fashioned way following the challenges of our time. Discover our range of doudous, including our famous carrot doudous and radish doudous! Or fruit with pear, strawberry, or eggplant. But also small animals such as butterflies and bees.

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