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Le développement du toucher

The baby's development of touch

The baby's development of touch

The First Sense Developed From the Fetal Phase


The sense of touch plays an essential role in the development of babies and children. Even before birth, tactile receptors allow the fetus to perceive its environment, thus contributing to its early sensory development. 

From birth, touch is the most developed sense in babies, allowing them to react strongly to tactile stimuli such as cuddling and skin-to-skin contact with their parents. Hence the importance of skin-to-skin contact from the first minutes after birth. 

The development of touch will also initiate the development of fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are a crucial skill in children's development, involving the control of hand and finger movements. This ability allows the child to perform delicate and precise tasks, such as handling small objects and coordinating gestures.

In infants, touch develops gradually during the first months of life, particularly through activities such as hand exploration and eye-hand coordination. Later, the gestures become more precise. Fine motor skills are advanced through manipulative activities such as pulling a wire, stacking blocks, assembling puzzles, and using a pencil. These repetitive actions help to refine these skills. 

At MYUM, we understand the importance of developing children’s touch and fine motor skills. VEGGY TOYS offer a textured touch inherent in crochet, our manufacturing technique. Indeed, the intertwining of the yarn creates a delicately rough material that appeals to and stimulates the baby’s sense of touch. 

VEGGY TOYS rattles are ideal for stimulating the baby's senses. Even better, MYUM doudous offer your toddler a toy with two textures: one compact and textured, the other soft and fluid. The crochet part brings a curious and surprising texture, while the cotton gauze envelops the duvet with its fluidity and softness. This subtle marriage of traditional materials gives our duvets a different and enriching quality and experience.

The “soft” is good, but combined with the “textured” is better! Thanks to their double texture, VEGGY TOYS comforters offer an interesting touch for babies and stimulate their sensory and kinesthetic abilities. When children’s gestures become more refined, the so-called “pulling toys” are there to entertain them and accompany them in their development. Our music boxes and soothing toys are designed to encourage tactile exploration and manipulation.

 In line with Montessori education, these unigender toys are aimed at children from 12 months, when the child begins to manipulate objects. He discovers that by his action of shooting, he triggers a vibration or music. By interacting with this toy, the child learns that his actions have consequences. By reproducing this gesture, the child develops fine motor skills and concentration.

We offer different types of “pulling toy” toys: soothing toys in the shape of bees, ladybugs, kiwi... that vibrate when you move them. And the music boxes in the shape of strawberry, lemon, apple, fish... that offer a sweet melody. 

From an early age and at every stage of the child’s development, MYUM offers a variety of toys inspired by nature that encourage children to manipulate and explore the world, thus enhancing their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

To learn more about touch development, you can visit the “Naître et grandir website.

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